Introductory and Salutations

Hello fellow Calgarians and everyone else!

We are the Multivision Artists of Calgary (MAoC). We are a small, but dedicated group of Chinese immigrant artists who have lived in Calgary for well over 30+ years. Our group was formed back in the 80's, but as time wore on, life took over and our jobs, our families became a precedent. Nevertheless we maintained our own passion and continued our journey as painters. We held less exhibitions, but we were always active in our communities. Over the years we became a close group of friends that shared ideas, laughter and lots of great food along side a deep passion for art. We recently felt that it is time to relaunch this MAoC. We wanted to extend this hospitality for art to all the people that are interested in it. 

You will find here on this website and this blog our ideas, art and activities. We want to use this venue to create a platform for inspiration, teachings and fun. I hope you join us on this continued journey!