Sketch-off! What is it?

Hello Calgary and the world wide web!

In our previous post, we talked about using this platform to inspire, teach, have fun, and ultimately engage in a connection and open up a channel of communication with the Calgary community. And what’s a good idea of opening up a dialog between us and the community? Well, by having activities that are fun icebreakers, like a sketch-off.

We’ve all seen on social media face-offs between rappers and dance-offs and so the idea of a sketch-off shouldn’t be too unfamiliar. But the difference between a sketch-off and the other face-offs is that a sketch-off isn’t about excelling and becoming the best and being the “top dog”. It’s about offering and introducing complete strangers to sketch an object placed in front of them against their peers and a trained artist and then after a short time period review the results. It isn’t about skill or talent; it’s ultimately about perspective. We all see things differently from our own personal point of view. A perfectly round sphere could be a blob in your mind’s eye and then you translate that onto paper. This opens up a dialog between you and the artist and the rest of the community. What is it that you see? What do you perceive to be real? How does your mind interpret the information presented in front of you? And using this as a starting point, we can further delve into the individual artist’s mind and thought processes when they’re working at their craft. And this connects the artists with the community and shares with the community their insights and experiences. It creates an interesting conversation about how art is perceived and felt. There isn’t a “should or should not” about these two things, only what you feel is true. Likewise, in a sketch-off we try to bring out what you feel and put that onto paper. Again, and we cannot stress enough that it is not a competition, it is a chance to explore your creativity and that comes in many forms hence the many forms of art. We want to engage the community in exploring their inner creativity and inspire and teach those who are willing to learn how to hone in their creativity.

So with that said, come October 27th, 2017 join us at our exhibition for sketch off sessions with our artists. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a few tips and ideas in the art of art!