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The Artists

This collective consists of 6 Chinese Calgarians. These artists have existed in the Calgary art community for over 30 years and before that they all studied art in China. Making the decision to move to Canada risked their career in art, but they’ve all striven to keep their dream alive. They have influenced many people around them to pursue their artistic passions and have inspired many young aspiring artists.

Paintings Linda Chan-016.jpg

The Art

Having studied art in China, the artists were exposed primarily to traditional Chinese art styles. But upon arriving in Canada, they had to adapt to other styles, subjects and techniques. Throughout the past 30+ years, they have honed in on these skills and have worked hard to keep up with the times and modernize. They're flexible and adaptable and this shows in their art. 

Paintings Dillon Huang-007.jpg


The blog will follow in the footsteps of the collective, and will allow people a further glimpse into the collective's mindset and goals. It will also act as a means of communication between the group and the public. It will announce events, workshops, and exhibitions. The blog, ultimately, acts as a bridge between the collective and the general public be they from Calgary or around the world.

Contact Us

Any comments, suggestions, questions, or inquiries for the collective can be filled in the form provided. We will get back to your messages in a timely manner. 
Your comments, and suggestions will help the collective further understand what the community would like from us. Whether it be holding more exhibitions, have workshops, or even masterclasses.